Alana Haim thought her mother was “Joni Mitchell” as a child.

Singer and her sibling bandmates Danielle and Este revealed their love for musician ‘Big Yellow Taxi’ after growing up on her album ‘Miles of Aisles’.

Alana told Rolling Stone magazine, “That was pretty much the only CD that was in our mother’s car. I don’t think she knew how to change the CD. Every time she turned on the car it would play . “

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“And because I was so young and because my mother knew all the songs and would sing every word, I thought my mother would one day be Joni Mitchell.

“She knew every single run and every single tune on this record. It was the most inspiring thing.”

Haim as a group was inspired by Joni’s music and Alana has peeled off layers of songwriting over the years.

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She added, “We have the gift of listening to her at such a young age, but as a six-year-old listening to ‘Miles of Aisles’ you don’t really understand what the lyrics mean.

“And then we kind of grew up with her. Every year her songs get a new meaning and I think that’s the nice thing about Joni – discovering new things in her music.

“I could hear a song like ‘A Case of You’ when I was in my early 20s, and that song has taken on a whole new meaning now that I’m almost 30.”

The ‘Want You Back’ hitmakers also showed how their songs were an escape when their ‘strict’ father Mordechai ‘Moti’ Haim didn’t let them out to parties.

Danielle said, “People’s Parties summed up what our social life was like because our father was strict.

“He wouldn’t let us go out so much, so I’d hear ‘People’s Parties’ in my room and dream that I was on a bend at a party far away.”

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