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Celebrity villas often come with huge walk-in closets and huge kitchens Pantries, and what you may not know is that many of these spaces are expertly tidied up by professional organizers. The Style sisters have the houses of. transformed Amanda Holden, Rochelle Humes, Vogue Williams, Stacey Solomon and more!

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Now they have brought out a book that will help you organize your home and brought a wonderful range of products to market ManoMano. We managed to drag them away from the label printer to answer them HELLO!burning questions …

How did you help Amanda Holden with her playroom?

The most important change in redesigning Amanda Holden’s playroom was creating zones for the kids – we had a craft zone and a small sewing area. We wanted to make sure there was room for them to play in the room as well. Instead of tucking things away and pulling them out, we’ve made them easy to access and easy to play in this zone.

Do you know what impressed Amanda the most?

What impressed them most were the Barbie drawers; she loved it and talked about it on Heart Radio! We think it is now so easy for them to see each doll instead of being thrown into a bin basket and rummaging through them all.

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WATCH: Amanda Holden’s epic playroom gets an organizational makeover

Do you know if Amanda kept the organization going?

Yes, Amanda kept the organization going and we are very impressed! We went back a few weeks ago for a little refreshment and everything was still in its place. Apart from the fact that the children now have more toys from Christmas and birthdays and only have a general refresher, everything was still in place, the system we set up worked.

What is your favorite celebrity project?

Our favorite celebrity project we’ve worked on is Rochelle and Marvin Humes’ playroom. That we were able to design something so beautiful – it doesn’t often happen that you design a playroom of this size and really go to the limits with the design, with the big stage and the huge cupboards. It was a really good one for us and of course we loved organizing it afterwards.

The Style Sisters collaborated on Rochelle Humes’ epic playroom

Which celebrity home was the biggest organizational challenge?

To be honest, every home we organize, prominent or not, comes with its own set of challenges as every space is unique. The biggest thing for us is to think, you know, ‘what you are going into’ – and then sometimes it can be a can of worms and there are a lot more.

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What can readers expect from your book?

From our book, you can expect to hear from our journey, how we started, some fun customer stories, how-to guides, hacks, and just a really good bit of knowledge about how to organize and design your home. In this book, we’ve put it all together for you, and it’s broken down into really simple steps on how to tackle every room in the house to be both organized and look stylish.

Style sisters book

Style Sisters: Help You Live an Organized and Stylish Life, £ 11.70, Amazon


With ManoMano you have launched a series – what is your favorite piece?

Our favorite piece from the ManoMano collection has to be the statement wardrobe and chest of drawers. We love that they obviously have lots of storage space, look super stylish, and can be the key pieces in that room to make a really big impact. They’re just a little different, unique, and just beautiful.


The ManoMano range offers stylish storage solutions

What are your top tips for organizing on a budget?

Categorize and narrow down – it doesn’t cost any money. Detox what no longer serves you so that you can make room. Then use bins you have at home – old shoeboxes, or you can inexpensively pick up bins and baskets from places like IKEA or Poundland – and gather like-minded people and keep them in their little baskets.

John Lewis Box

Clear deep storage basket, £ 20, John Lewis


At ManoMano, look for furniture that is two in one – for example a bed with storage space under the bed. Instead of buying two separate pieces of furniture, all you have to do is buy one, and it also takes up less space.

Are there A-list houses that you would like to organize?

Maybe one of The Spice Girls as we were HUGE fans! Or Britney Spears?

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style sister range

This clean-up duo loves getting stuck in A-list homes

You helped Stacey Solomon redesign her wardrobe and now she’s an organization queen – how do you feel when your passion rubs off on people?

We are very happy that we were able to influence Stacey so positively and that she now bears the title “Organizational Queen”. It makes us really proud that we inspired them.

What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve found in a celebrity home?

The most unusual is not safe for publication! We can tell you that we once found breast implants in a pantry. And dead animal ashes in a wardrobe!

You can find more information about the ManoMano range in this blog post.

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