Ashley James didn’t want a son because she thinks “men are rubbish”.

The 33-year-old star, who recently greeted a boy with her partner Tom, admitted there was a time she didn’t want a boy because of such bad experiences with men.

She said, “To be honest, we were excited about the whole process, but we went for the Harmony test and he firmly believed it was going to be a boy and I firmly believed it was a Girl. When we got the call, it was us. ” in his parents’ house and I couldn’t hide. I was really upset, to the point where he and his family said, “This is terrible, why are you upset, it’s great, he’s healthy.” being single for so long and having my heart broken very much … There is also a kind of social media feminism that is very popular with being like “men are rubbish”. Yes, there are a lot of garbage collectors, but I think I really got so far in my head that I didn’t really like men. I thought most of them were like that, to be honest. I thought how can I bring another man with me? So I actually had to enjoy working on my own issues. “

And Ashley admits that she “really feared” that she would not be able to “bond” with her baby.

In an interview with the podcast “Made by Mammas” she added: “And now I can’t imagine it – and I always knew that I love him. And that’s why I was comfortable talking about gender disappointments when I realized it was a thing. Because it’s like I’m not saying I won’t love him because he’s a boy. But it is very common to really want one or the other and be disappointed with the result …