Surf’s up Mesa! A 37-acre surf, shop, fitness, and multi-purpose development project is slated to kick off Tuesday, March 30th at 11am. The surf oasis is made possible by Cannon Beach Developers and is located at the intersection of Power and Warner Streets in Mesa. The project, two and a half years in design and development, will bring the ocean to Arizona in a place that is second to none.

“We hope that Cannon Beach will get the most out of its customers by challenging them to join new activities or at least be inspired by them,” said Cole Cannon, Senior Developer at Cannon Beach.

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Revel Surf will anchor the development with a 3.3 hectare surfing lagoon, which will offer the world’s first Traveling Surf technology from Swell MFG and the stationary Rapid Surf technology from UNIT Surf Pool in one location. This unique combination creates a more natural surfing lineup with a top wave instead of a right session only or left session only option found in many of today’s wave pools.

“The Swell MFG will create peak waves and provide some of the most epic and diverse wave sets for every level of surfer,” said Matt Gunn, co-founder of Swell MFG. “We look forward to welcoming all surfers to enjoy this surf lagoon.”