Emerald Fennell wishes she could force everyone to have the same s ***** trailer on set.

The director of ‘Promising Young Woman’ believes that actors who retreat to their own luxurious space when they’re not filming only lead to divisions on one project, and she’d rather the cast and crew mix more closely.

Speaking to Olivia Wilde for Varietys Directors on Directors, she said: “I really think trailers have a lot to answer for.

“If I were allowed, I’d just say, ‘Hey, everyone gets something like a ***** trailer, exactly the same thing. Everyone has to have lunch together.’

“When you have your own lovely hot tub, aren’t you really with everyone? It makes it difficult to work together. It’s alienating, lonely. It’s more fun to be with everyone.”

Olivia agreed, “Then you have to be vulnerable in front of these people and you got separated from them.

“I always compare it to a construction site. You bring these people to this construction site and then say, ‘Stop the work for a moment!’ And everyone is just waiting for the acting to finish so you can start building again.

“The actors say, ‘I’m sorry to play. I’m so sorry.’ If we just restructured it and everybody worked together, then when you train in the theater you learn every job. Everyone knows what the whole process is. Everyone is a crew. Everyone is on the same level, everyone is equally important. “”