What Floyd Mayweather he usually gets … but in the case of an extremely rare Maybach he has to outbid another wealthy celebrity !!

Sources close to Floyd report that he is looking for a 2009 Maybach 62S Landaulet that has a V12 twin turbo engine developing 620 horsepower.

The owner of the car is a famous high-end car dealer Obi Okeke – alias Dr. Bugatti – the TMZ Sports tells that its ride is one of only 8 ever produced in the world.

Of these 8, only 3 exist in the United States. We were told the other 2 cars belong in the US drake and DJ Khaled.

When the car was released, stickers were priced at $ 1.35 million – and a Maybach spokesman said the target buyer was “a super rich person who wants something extremely special and likes to be in a car with an acre of sky above it they are driven “.

… which is probably why Floyd wants you so badly!

Okeke is asking for $ 2.6 million … or the best deal.

The problem, we are told, is that there is a bidding war going on behind the scenes between Floyd and another great celebrity – a high-profile rap star.

We were told the bid is already over $ 2 million … and it’s still active.

Floyd made nearly a billion dollars in fighting money and he LOVES cars … so you’d think he’d just get whatever it took to close the deal.

But we learned that Floyd is waiting to see where the rapper draws the line … so he can get a little higher and not pay a penny more than he needs.

Long story short … seems like Floyd will eventually get the car and the rapper needs to see if Drake or DJ Khaled are ready to make a deal.

Problems with rich people!