Zuzanna Szadkowski, who played “Dorota” in the original Gossip Girl, raved about actor Ryan Reynolds and called him “perhaps the cutest celebrity in the world”. She remembered meeting Reynolds on the Gossip Girl set when he was with Blake Lively. And she said that although he had only met him briefly, he was kind and remembered her name.

Why does Ryan Reynolds get the “Celebrity Gold Medal”?

“When [Lively] started dating Ryan Reynolds, he came on the set, ”she said on the podcast“ Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef ”. “And I met him around six in the morning, it was a stupid story. But I met him at the crafting table around six in the morning. And she said, ‘This is the Zuzanna who is Dorota.’ And he said: ‘Hello, nice to meet you.’ ”

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Attend Pokemon Detective Pikachu Premiere in 2019 | Steven Ferdman / Getty Images

“And you know, my name is a little weird,” she continued. “It’s like Zuzanna with a Z. And I talked to him for a second. He was very smiling and kind. And then I saw him 10 hours later. So he must have been hanging out in her locker room all day or whatever. When I left he said: “Good night, Zuzanna!” And I’m already thinking, ‘Oh my god, he really gets the celebrity gold medal.’ Because he not only liked to listen when she introduced him to me, he also liked to remember my name! He was like one of those magical people who make you feel special. I have a feeling he’s probably the nicest celebrity in the world. “

Blake Lively is more of a “sweetheart,” says Zuzanna Szadkowski

She went on to add, “I mean, you are so cute. And I’m so glad you have such a life now with all these wonderful kids and that’s always what makes me laugh too is that she’s such a glamorous person but her favorite thing to do is mom too be and bake things. ”

“And I mean, she was like that when she was young. So you never felt like we were hanging on a scandal, a Hollywood person. She was just more of a sweetheart. ”Szadkowski said she was always asked about the filth of her former co-stars, but“ I really don’t have anything juicy. I just have a story in which I crawl all over the place. “

Are Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively a good match?

While Szadkowski said she didn’t know Reynolds or Lively well, she could say they were a perfect match. “But to me that seems like the cutest pairing right away because there is that positive smiley face that you can’t fake or whatever,” she said.

“As if he’s the king of and I feel like this is their game,” she added. “And it makes sense to me that they are like sunshine people. The opposite of my normal demeanor. So I feel like they don’t make sense, you know, they’re a bit like Adonis looking people who are very positive about life. “

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