• Victory Square’s portfolio company Immersive Tech will team up with Chris Ramsay for an exclusive experience that will be featured on its social media channels including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok with 6.4 million fans
  • Ramsay is a well-known magician and prominent YouTube influencer known for his illusion tutorials, public illusion vlogs, and bad magic reaction videos.
  • Project with Ramsay in connection with the previously announced creation of the world’s first Virtual Reality (VR) division “UNCONTAINED” for secure location-based entertainment (LBE) in Covid-19.
  • Immersive Tech is preparing for a public listing in the second quarter of 2021

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Victory Square Technologies Inc. (“Victory Square” or the “Company”) (CSE: VST) (OTC: VSQTF) (FWB: 6F6) – is pleased to announce this announced that the portfolio company Fantasy 360 Technologies Inc., DBA Immersive Tech (“Immersive”), has reached an exclusive experience agreement with the renowned magician and prominent YouTube inventor Chris Ramsay

“Celebrity Vlogger, Magician, and Social Media Influencer Chris Ramsay will team up with Immersive Tech to deliver an unforgettable experience!” said Tim Bieber, CEO of Immersive Tech. “While the nature of this highly anticipated experience will be kept confidential until the video premieres, I promise everyone that it will be a truly engaging experience that will encourage fans and the public to actively participate in an escort experience. I hope this announcement will mark the beginning of a long and productive relationship with Mr. Ramsay, ”said Bieber.

Chris Ramsay said, “I am thrilled to be working with my Canadian Experiences at Immersive. I am impressed with the pioneering attitude and technology of the company, which has positioned itself as the global leader in emerging AR / VR – LBE-based products through UNCONTAINED, ”said Ramsay. This project with Mr. Ramsay will have narrative connections to the upcoming flagship “UNCONTAINED” and give fans the opportunity to be part of the story themselves.

UNCONTAINED leverages the kind of design experience Immersive Tech has gained and enhanced over the past four years creating and introducing hugely successful interactive escape rooms for family entertainment centers. Immersive Tech designs, engineers, and builds custom technology-driven experiences, whether they want to facilitate brand integration or create the best possible adventure in real life. The company recently announced the creation of three unique entertainment getaway rooms specifically designed and built for Apex Entertainment’s new Virginia Beach, VA, USA location. The three custom space themes include an underwater submarine adventure, a post-war bunker experience, and an AI-controlled warship that is a villain race against time with a family-friendly focus.

The “UNCONTAINED” experience offers a freely moving arcade VR and takes it to a completely exciting new level, with a comprehensive range of haptic environmental feedback for a true 5D experience. This is achieved through dynamic heat and cold explosions, moving floors, ambient audio, smells and physical interactions in an unconstrained world. See the brief look here.

Immersive Tech is planning and preparing to go public in the second quarter of 2021. The company plans to grow its highly anticipated UNCONTAINED product offering with strategic builds and sales starting this year.

About Immersive Tech

As an industry leader in blending amusement park tech and video game development, Immersive Tech has built close working relationships with top organizations including Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Intel, Allegiant Airlines, Capital One, Scotia Bank, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration brand activations at events like X- Games, Boston Hub Week and others for the past four years. Immersive Tech has worked for some of the world’s largest family entertainment groups, including APEX Entertainment. And Kalahari Resorts, coveted escape room experiences created. Immersive Tech also operates the newly founded company “UNCONTAINED”, the world’s first COVID-safe, free-moving AR / VR shipping container franchise for location-based entertainment. For more information, see the company’s latest highlight roll video or visit www.ImmersiveTech.co

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