The rain is back and many people tend to be confused about what to wear on a wet day. In fact, some individuals wear old clothes when it rains because they don’t want their beautiful outfits to get soaked and stained.

Well, it’s not news that certain places can get really bad when it rains, but the good news is that you can be warm and stylish during the rain and still get on with your normal activities.

Rain jackets / sweaters
There are different types of fashionable raincoats that you can get in the market. You can wear a light outfit inside, then put on a rain jacket so you can take it off at your destination. You can get different colors, designs, light but strong waterproof rain jackets with or without a hood. Sweaters are a must at this time. You can combine a sweater with your outfit or throw it around your neck in an emergency. Whatever you do, make sure you have it close by.

Pants / shorts / skirts / dresses
It is ideal for putting on shorts, trousers and dresses made of quick-drying materials. Clothing made from cotton and lightweight wool fabrics are best because cotton is soft and light enough to keep you cool, but also makes a great conductor of heat. So you don’t have to worry about it getting cold outside.

Depending on your body type, wear short or long sleeves as these allow body heat to circulate better. You can also pair your sleeveless and short-sleeved dresses with a denim jacket that you can easily put on when the heat sets in.

Another great fabric for ideal clothing in this weather is polycotton, which is less likely to irritate the skin than synthetic fibers. You can’t go wrong with jeans, cashmere or thick woolen fabrics. While most would prefer fleece to wool because it is lighter and softer, these are great conductors of heat that will protect you from the cold and moisture. You may want to combine your fleece and wool sweat with layers of cotton underneath so you can pull them off when it gets hot.

You can choose to wear shirts of different lengths. Do not wear white or similar outfits as these are easily stained. Instead, wear darker clothes and pair them with sweatshirts or cardigans.

Avoid wearing leather shoes, party shoes and office shoes in the rain. Also avoid shoes without a good grip on slippery surfaces, as they have a strong tendency to slip. Shoes such as sneakers and other types of athletic shoes are not ideal during the rainy season as they take longer to dry when wet. If not properly dried, they smell and harbor germs, bacteria and fungi. Opt for water-friendly sandals and rubber shoes / boots.

Turtleneck sweater
On days when the weather is funny and you just can’t tell whether it’s going to be a cold or hot day, you can rock a turtleneck. When it’s cold you can easily roll up the neck and arm sleeves, and when it’s hot you can roll the sleeves back in place. Black is a good color in the cold season as black outfits retain heat.

They are very convenient, especially when you want to go to bed at night. You can choose to stick with the ones you wear to work or spice it up with patterned knee-length socks. Socks are important as they not only keep you warm, but are also a fashion accessory.