TAMPA (AP) – Most of the brands that can spend money on Super Bowl ads are already household names, but the big game is a chance for beginners to make a splash too.

That’s what the CEO of the Swedish oat milk manufacturer Oatly tried to do in an ad with himself. “Wow, wow, no cow,” sang CEO Toni Petersson as he played a keyboard on a grain field.

The bizarre song and non-professional singing received a mix of praise and brickbats on social media, which seemed to be the point. Shortly after it aired, the company began promoting a t-shirt that said, “I totally hated that Oatly commercial.”

“If you’ve just watched our CEO sing in a field of oats at the big game, we can’t give you those 30 seconds back, but we can give you a free t-shirt so the world will know where you are in our advertising attempt Toni’s singing skills are available to a wider audience, ”the company said in a tweet.

Super Bowl Ad

This photo by Mercari shows a scene from the Mercari 2021 Super Bowl NFL soccer field. ((Mercari via AP)

Another lesser known brand, Dr. Squatch, also ran a bizarre commercial, but hired comedian James Schrader to promote the Californian soap maker, which focuses on men’s hygiene and natural ingredients.

General Motors used humor in a Super Bowl ad to promote its ambitious drive to get more Americans to buy electric vehicles.

GM’s goal is to make the vast majority of the vehicles it produces electric by 2035 and the entire company carbon neutral five years later.

When actor Will Ferrell finds out that Norway has more electric vehicles per capita than the US, he goes on a crazy trip across countries with singer and actress Awkwafina and comedian Kenan Thompson to show that GM’s new battery for electric cars is coming soon all will be available.

Super Bowl Ad

This Cadillac photo shows a scene from Cadillac’s 2021 Super Bowl NFL soccer field. (Courtesy Cadillac / Leo Burnett Detroit via AP)

GM’s Cadillac brand also has an ad that will air later in the game, inspired by the 1990 classic Edward Scissorhands, which offers hands-free calling for its electric SUV, the Lyriq.

The DoorDash ad was very nostalgic and hired the Sesame Street Muppets to get the message across that DoorDash can deliver goods from local stores, not just restaurants. “Hamilton” actor Daveed Diggs adds a pizza touch to the commercial with a peppy version of the nursery rhyme “People in Your Neighborhood” that turns into rap.

One of more than 20 first-time Super Bowl advertisers this year, DoorDash takes the plunge after benefiting from a move towards home delivery while people crouched at home during the pandemic. DoorDash’s ad for the first quarter enlisted the help of characters like Cookie Monster, Big Bird, and Grover to get the message across that DoorDash can be used to pick up local store items like paper towels.

The advertisement is directed by Michel Gondry, the director of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”.

Super Bowl Ad

This photo by Tide shows a scene from the Tide 2021 Super Bowl NFL soccer field. (High tide over AP)

“Last year we expanded our business into new categories,” said DoorDash’s Vice President of Marketing, Kofi Amoo-Gottfried. “Given the size of the audience we can speak to, it made sense to use the Super Bowl as a moment to get that message across.”

It’s not the first time Diggs has worked with Muppets – he appeared in Sketches of Sesame Street in 2017.

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