Priyanka Chopra Jonas’ “cherished” childhood helped her confidence grow where it is today.

The “White Tiger” star admits that as a child he felt “encouraged” by her parents, her mother Madhu and her father Ashok, that he trusted them and that she felt that she could “keep up” in every room.

In a clip for her upcoming Super Soul interview with Oprah Winfrey, she said, “When you feel valued as a kid. When you feel encouraged as a kid, you become an adult who has a sense of trust. When you take a step do.” In a room you have the feeling: “Okay, I have a family. I can fall back on something. I have someone who loves me, who takes care of me. I can go into a room and assert myself.” It really gave me that sense. “

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Priyanka previously admitted that she struggled with depression after her father died.

She said, “Dada has been a massive influence and cheerleader in my life; I felt that he was the wind under my wings. When there was a party, he was in the thick of it joking and passing the drinks. He was full of life So when he left it got really quiet. Sadness is seductive and calls you so I stayed a bit. I let myself be vulnerable and feel these feelings without being angry with myself … Over time, my wounds healed because I let them heal. Sometimes we try to snap out of things and put them away, but this is the only time in my life where I’ve really handled my emotions and done it myself. And I really am proud that I came out on the other side. “

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