Rammstein recorded a new album in Lockdown.

The German metallers previously teased that new music was in the works last October when they released a clip of drummer Christoph ‘Doom’ Schneider playing drums in the studio.

And now keyboardist Christian ‘Flake’ Lorenz has confirmed that the ‘Du hast’ rockers – including Till Lindemann, Richard Kruspe, Paul Landers and Oliver Riedel – have unexpectedly completed a sequel to their unnamed seventh studio album from 2019 amid COVID. 19 pandemic.

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Flake told Motor Music, “The fact that we couldn’t perform live increased our creativity.

“We had more time to think about new things and less distraction. As a result, we recorded a record that we hadn’t planned. “

The record will touch on “World Events”, Donald Trump and “Volkswahnsinn”.

On what fans can expect, he added, “Our theme is basically the madness of the people, and that’s not much different in coronavirus times than it is in normal times.

“So Donald Trump was also very present last year, you could also see many characteristics and of people in general, how they behaved during the lockdown.

“So the sources of inspiration are actually always there. Most of the things you deal with ultimately happen in your own head anyway. Only small bumps come from the outside and enough gets through when the streets are only half as full. “

Doom had previously annoyed them working on music but wasn’t sure if an album was on the cards.

He said: “We met and are working on new songs. We want to work on songs. But whether it will become an album or not, no one knows yet.”

There is no word on when the new LP will be released at this point.

However, fans can catch Rammstein on their planned tour of the UK, Europe and North America in 2022.

The extensive run begins on May 22, 2022 in the Red Bull Arena Leipzig in Germany and is expected to end on October 1 in Mexico City.

Last year, Rammstein won the award for best live band at the Heavy Music Awards for their 2019 stadium shows.

In a video message, they said: “It is always special to receive recognition for something you believe in, and when that recognition comes directly from the fans, it means a lot.”

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