Ricky Gervais voted for ‘Save Ralph’.

The animated short is part of a campaign to ban animal testing, and Ricky is involved in the documentary production by a number of well-known stars including Taika Waititi, Zac Efron and Olivia Munn.

The stop-motion piece was written and directed by Spencer Susser and tells the story of the talking rabbit of Humane Society International, Ralph, as Deadline reports.

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In short, Ralph discusses his daily routine as a lab tester and highlights the harmful effects of cosmetic animal testing.

The team behind the production is determined to reach the widest possible audience, so they decided to dub the film in Spanish, French, Portuguese and Vietnamese.

‘Save Ralph’ is scheduled for April 6th.

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59-year-old Ricky has been speaking out against cruelty to animals for years and often uses his Twitter account to make his voice heard.

The actor previously wrote on the microblogging platform: “Cruelty to animals is wrong.” But it’s a tradition, “It doesn’t get it right,” It’s part of my religion “doesn’t get it right,” It’s my livelihood “doesn’t make it right, and” People are more important “doesn’t do it right either. Because it’s just wrong. (Sic) “

Ricky has also previously claimed that the world would actually be a “better place” if the human species were completely wiped out.

The comedy star, who played David Brent on “The Office,” insisted that bees are more important than people.

Ricky said, “We are part of nature – we are not above it – we are not responsible. We are not even the main species.

“If we were wiped out tomorrow, the world would be a better place … it would come back and be perfect again.”

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