Sophia Bush is “intentionally” engaged to Grant Hughes.

The 39-year-old actress and Grant got engaged during a romantic break in Italy in August, and Sophie is determined to make the most of the experience.

She told people, “It’s funny. I think when you’re an adult and you understand what mental health is and you know all the things we’ve learned as individuals, you always hear that marriage is work and it’s the best job you’ll have, but it takes effort .

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“And we got engaged and I looked around and said, ‘Why didn’t anyone tell me how cute and pure that would be?’ It’s just so cute and it’s a time that I treasure very deliberately. And you know, more adventures on the horizon. “

Last month, Sophia admitted that she felt “lucky” to be engaged to Grant.

The actress insisted that she appreciate her fiancé and the other people who make up her support network.

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She said, “I will say I feel happy whether it is my life partner or the wonderful group of men in my life who make up my friends and allies who make up my support system.

“And I’m really happy that I have a really good group across the range of guys in my life.”

The star took to Instagram to post the news of their engagement in August and revealed that Grant had asked the question at Lake Como.

Sophia wrote on the picture sharing site: “So it turns out that the best feeling on planet earth is to be the favorite person of your favorite person #YES.

“Thanks to @comoclassicboats and @ bottega53 for helping my favorite person to plan the most incredible and moving surprise of my life. My heart. It’s bursting. (Sic)”

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