TIGER King’s Carole Baskin has ruled out joining the cast of “I’m A Celebrity … Holt Me Out of Here”.

Baskin shocked fans who had hoped she would try her hand at I’m A Celeb Castle in Wales, but she doesn’t think it would be interesting enough.


Tiger King’s Carole Baskin makes an appearance on I’m A Celebrity … Get me out of hereCredit: Splash

Baskin, who appeared in the 2020 US version of Strictly Come Dancing entitled Dancing With The Stars, made her thoughts clear about doing more reality TV.

“There was a lot of talk about people saying I was going to be on a British show called I’m A Celebrity … I’m going to ask myself to eat, it’s so gross it makes people tune in,” Baskin said the mirror.

“I don’t know how it got so big for people to think it was going to happen.

“But it didn’t happen. It won’t happen. I’ve obviously proven that I can’t dance, so I don’t expect anyone from Strictly to knock on my door.”

She also made an appearance on Dancing On Ice: “I can run around in circles, that’s about the limit of my ability.”

“After seeing my performance on Dancing with the Stars, I seriously doubt anyone will ever ask me to dance again.”

Her admission comes after telling The Sun she would “refuse” to return to Tiger King, just hours after Netflix released a new trailer teasing the show’s second appearance.

The clip shows a sheet being pulled back to show Carole walking down a corridor before Joe appears on the screen on a phone from prison.

However, Carole exclusively told The Sun that she won’t appear in the explosive new season.

“I don’t know how they put out a TK2 when Joe is in jail and I refuse to be played again,” said Baskin.

“Fool me once, shame on you.

Big Cat Rescuer CEO added that she had told executives to “lose my number” and insisted that “there is no explanation for such betrayal and misrepresentation”.

The original documentary starring Joe, 58, and rival Carole became a monster hit when it was released last March.

Joe is currently behind bars for 17 years for animal abuse and double attempted murder to kill rival Carole.

Already in August, Exotic, who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, feared dying from Covid.

The heads of FMC Fort Worth Prison in Texas ordered a lockdown after a major Delta variant outbreak over the weekend – and the Tiger King star feared he would die of the bug if he caught it.

Exotic, 58, was told that all tests, doctor visits and blood samples “didn’t take place” – a blow to the Tiger King’s fight against prostate cancer.

Doctors fear that his cancer has spread to his pelvis and stomach, which means quick action is needed.

A CAT scan booked last month was also canceled – another setback for Exotic.

Exotic, who already has a weakened immune system in addition to his cancer, is afraid that he will die should he become infected with the coronavirus.

He told The Sun, “We’re like dogs in a shelter, waiting for our turn to catch Parvo and die.

“All medical treatments have been canceled. We have Delta Covid in here now. We are blocked. “

The zoo owner is due to be sentenced again shortly and could be released from prison as early as mid-2036.


Carole took part in the Dancing With The Stars in the USA in 2020Photo credit: Getty
But she doesn't want to do reality TV anymore and said she wouldn't do Strictly or Dancing on Ice


But she doesn’t want to do reality TV anymore and said she wouldn’t do Strictly or Dancing on IceCredit: 3
Baskin also told The Sun that she would not be involved in Tiger King 2


Baskin also told The Sun that she would not be involved in Tiger King 2Photo credit: Getty
Tiger King’s Carole Baskin launches $ CAT coin in crypto war with Elon Musk and Dogecoin

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