The tweet continued, “It’s not finished yet. The pandemic blew up our plans.

“But when we have an official release date, trust us, we really want to keep you informed! The same goes for a trailer. #patience #Lucifer. ”

Thankfully, Lucifer’s co-executive producer Mike Costa has been teasing what fans can expect from Lucifer over the next eight episodes.

Speaking to recently, he said, “It sounds so canned, but the truth is, the best is yet to come.”

He added, “I mean, you saw a lot of things as early as the first half of season five that paid off.

“You saw Chloe (played by Lauren German) finally discover the truth about her nature. You have seen the explanations for what we call Lucifer (Tom Ellis) mojo, his desire power. You saw the explanation for this and why Chloe is immune to it.

“Those are questions that fans have been asking throughout the show. We answer all of these questions.

“So answering the questions is important to us and you will have more answers when the show ends.”

Seasons 4 and 5 of Lucifer are now streamed on Netflix and the first three on Amazon Prime Video