Tom Holland annoyed his mother by sending her a clip of ‘Cherry’.

The 24-year-old actor is playing the title role in the upcoming film as a PTSD drug addict and sent a stressful scene to his mother, Nicola Frost, who was unfazed.

Tom said, “Biggest mistake ever. I said, ‘This is my day,’ and she was mad at me.

“I guess I wasn’t thinking right and I was like, ‘Do you know who would really like to see this? My mother.’ In hindsight, it was a really stupid thing. “

The ‘Spider-Man’ star continued, “I think when my mom sees my movies in particular, what she likes most is the moments when she says, ‘Oh, this is my little boy.’ But in this movie there is nothing like it. “

Tom explained that he always gets Nicola and father Dominic Holland’s approval for his project and revealed that they ultimately chose ‘Cherry’.

He told Esquire magazine, “You could enjoy it as a movie, not the biography of your son who does heroin. They are really proud and they really liked it.

“If I got someone’s approval, it would be my parents. That would be the highest level of performance.”

Tom admits that he is reluctant to express his political views, but appreciates that he can do “so much good” with his platform.