Uzo Aduba got married last year.

The 40-year-old actress secretly tied the knot with filmmaker Robert Sweeting in a low-key ceremony in New York sometime in 2020, sources confirmed to People magazine.

The insider added, “They are celebrating their one year anniversary this year.”

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Confirmation came after the “In Treatment” star, who usually keeps her personal life very private, shared a photo of her wedding on Instagram and hailed her husband as the “best thing that ever happened to her.”

Quoting the classic movie “When Harry Met Sally,” she wrote, “For some of us, it can feel like we’ve spent our entire lives waiting for our special someone. My heart, my love – I am so happy that my life started with you last year. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.”

Uzo announced in April that her mother had died last November, and shortly thereafter she admitted that her role on “In Treatment” had helped her come to terms with her loss.

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She said in May: “Losing someone is never easy. It is certainly not easy to stay close to a loss when your character is suffering a similar loss.

“I thank HBO a thousand times for giving the space necessary to start this process. I think it’s a challenge, but I know it was deeply healing at the same time. “

Four years ago, the former “Orange is the New Black” star spoke of what a “great experience” it was to see her sister Chioma marry.

She said, “It was amazing. It was such a great experience. She got married in Mallorca, Spain. This is the third wedding in our family, but Cheech, you know, we’re the closest in ages and easy, you know.” ?, have the bit like, roommate forever [bond].

“It was a nice, nice day, nice experience and [her husband] is great.”

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